The Gander Bread Box

The Gander Bread Box

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The Gander Bread Box opened it’s doors in December 2009 as a bread shop but quickly realized the demand for baked goods. So over the past few years, their staff have started baking. When you walk through their doors, there is an aroma that hits you …it’s like walking back to your childhood into Nan’s kitchen!! The turkey’s in the oven and there is the scent of fresh baked bread and cookies in the air.

You are always warmly greeted, and when you leave they always want you to have a great day!

Owners Stephen and Marlene have 2 full time employees who have been working side by side with them right from the start. Every now and then you can even catch a glimpse of their daughters, who have come in to help out. Yes, they really are a family run business, and what makes it all worth it?

“We have the best customers. Always friendly and supportive.”

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